About S.i. Development Centre


S.i. Systems is the second largest IT staffing agency in Canada, so in 2006, to help support our growing staff, we established the S.i. Development Centre in Chennai, India. The S.i. Development Centre uses cutting edge technology to tackle some of the company’s toughest challenges. We have expertise in a variety of areas including analysis and design, product development, testing, business intelligence, infrastructure and support. Our team enjoys a stable work environment with ongoing recognition, strong leadership, incredible infrastructure and facilities, and outstanding work/life balance.


S.i. Systems was a pioneer in using mobile platforms as early as 2015. We are strong believers in a mobile-first approach, and build our apps using Xamarin cross-platform technology, which helps to boost our development and support process.


"Simple things should be simple; complex things should be possible." – Alan Kay
We use this as a guiding principal for all our development. Our experienced developers build secure, technically rich and responsive Microsoft .Net web solutions that can be quickly adapted to suit changing business requirements.

Business Intelligence 

We use MSBI technologies, processes, and applications to analyze operational and financial data about your business and your competitors. MSBI allows you to create reports and analyze this data, so you   can make better business decisions.


We use Microsoft Azure integrated cloud services to build, deploy and manage our services and applications.


Our ColdFusion team aims to build innovative products, find the optimal solution to every problem, and write codes that works every time. We truly care about everything we create, and we go out of the way to make things possible.


S.i uses ServiceNow as a workflow management tool. This allows every department to work on requests to assign and prioritize, collaborate, get to root cause of issues, gain real time insights and streamline overall workflow.

Product Analysis

Our team Product Analysis team knows that the success of a great company is its product. Our incredible team identifies needs, conceptualizes new features and drives them to execution across all the products we manage. They work with developers to ensure that things get shipped and strategically drive the product roadmap based on what our company needs to make them pioneers in market.


Meet the bug catchers! At S.i., quality is not an act, it’s a habit! We do our best to envision the product from our users’ eyes and explore it as they would to ensure that they get the best user experience possible.


Infrastructure & Support

Our top-notch Infrastructure and Support team is committed to an amazing customer experience, so we ensure every request is handled professionally and on time, and we follow ITIL methodology to guide our services.


We’re Hiring

We are looking for great people across various fields, with different backgrounds. If you have experience in a particular field, we would love to talk to you. Click here to tell us a little about yourself.

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